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Hello, sorry if this seems odd, but I really need a rat sprite in this style, and i cant sprite myself, and trying to find or make one out of other images didnt work out well. If you could maybe make a rat sprite set, that would be great, i'd pay for it if you'd like.

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THANK YOU! This is everything needed for a great pixel style rpg maker game, for games in the style the nes, snes and game boy eras! A request would be to provide a zip file as well as the rar already here, because I can't open rars. I had to use a file converter. Amazing work!

Great resource pack!!

Awesome!! very complete pack


Can this be used in Unity, or is it restricted specifically to RPG Maker?

you can use my stuff however you like. CC0. You dont even need to credit me or anything


Ah. Very smart anti theft. Can't steal what their being given. Big brain. A true stroke of genius. 

This pack is amazing beyond words. I'm using it for my Steam game, Knightblade. I couldn't find any pack that even comes close to what this pack offers. I also edited the set and gave it new life, making an underwater theme and a seasonal autumn style that you can see in the screenshots. You can view my game here!


Great pack!!!

If I may, what palette did you use to create the tiles in this pack?

Thank you very nice pack!

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Only thing that's missing is faces and enemy statics. Statics in a similar enough style can probably be found, but the faces definitely need to match the given actors and NPC. Do you have any recommendations?

Damn That work

Great work here. If only there were battlers that matched, this would be a one stop shop!


"you literally cannot steal it, cause I'm giving it to you." c'mere bro and lemme give you a kiss.

Is there any way i can has the asperite files or psd files?

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Thank you!

How do you import??


Why can't I donate?!

I want to donate to you, thank you for this!!!

you  are a god send


Hey, Your pack is pretty good, but is there any BattleGrounds ?


Thnaks. I am Indie Game Developer and have question about this great assets. Can I use this assts at [ Unity3D Game Engine ]? Is it only used for Vx or Mv?  If it is can at unity3d Engine, I will be very very happy.


I really found it, thank god! and I finally download it, you are my savoir :)

But I need diagonal stairways just like that

i heart u.


This is the best asset pack I've ever used (My game made using it is here if you care. Full release coming soon) and I mean that with no exaggeration.

It's easy on the eyes, includes UI, tiles, icons and TONS of sprites. This rivals assets I've payed money for, both in ease of use and in how expansive it is. I've been working with these assets for six months now and there are still things I haven't implemented or seen.

The characters have tons of personality. Even the random villagers. There are sprites for every character and class you could possibly think of. Seriously. If you want to make a retro RPG, do not pass this one over.

Very inspiring. Thank you.

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This is -MIGHTY- good!

My only complaint is none of the characters can attack and such, so this would be a straight RPG type game, not aRPG compatible.  I'll have to replace the characters and just use the environments.

anyway I can get this on photoshop?

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this is soo good! thx man!

Stylish, wonderful, incredible, comprehensive !!! True aesthetic pleasure.


This is f**king amazing, man! I bookmarked this long before you were someone I'd actually spoke to on RMW lol. Anyway, I will totally use these if I ever get inspired to do a retro style project. This has such a great retro vibe to it.

(Your "marketing" text is delightful and hilarious.)

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Hey, I used your tiles as example for my tool: SpliTiler

Holy cow!


Is it possible to share the color palette you used with here?


I'm excited to use this set, came here seeking the same thing, found it wasn't available, and spent a couple hours slapping this together. There is almost definitely a faster smart computer knower way of doing it, but I don't know it, so I was squinting at pixels trying to figure out whether that one was a different pink than the the other.  I think I got em all, but I'll give it another pass or do it the FSCK way once I figure it out. 


wow amazing job!

Great quality! This give some chance for indie devs to make something beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

Absolutely amazing pack, really helpful :)

you need to change the product if you want people to donate, it just downloads for me and doesnt even ask

Would you be open to expanding this pack for commission?


Nope. But I am not against you commissioning anyone to edit my work or expand on it.

I used your Mighty Pack in a small game I made for a Jam : 

Thank you. This pack is really great. I'll definitely use this pack for bigger projects.

This is incredible and you should be really proud of this!!

I wish I could see more of your example maps because wow do you know how to use these tiles!

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These assets are amazing! Too bad that they won't compose very well with default RTP in MV, please tell me The Might Palm, can I use them in other game engine? (legal issues) (I have an idea for another game, but in different engine - Fusion 2.5)


you can use them however you like, my dude.

This is an epic pack thank you so much for sharing.

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