A downloadable asset pack

The Mighty Pack is a free-to-use resource pack made for Rpg-Maker Vx ace and MV. It contains tilesets, characters, icons, and UI in a pseudo-retro style.

It's meant to be easy to edit and work with. 

The pack is free, but any donations are appreciated. If you can't give anything do not feel the least bit bad about it. I spent a lot of time on this, but I enjoyed it and I hope you will too.


Mighty Pack.rar 3 MB


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This is f**king amazing, man! I bookmarked this long before you were someone I'd actually spoke to on RMW lol. Anyway, I will totally use these if I ever get inspired to do a retro style project. This has such a great retro vibe to it.

(Your "marketing" text is delightful and hilarious.)

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Hey, I used your tiles as example for my tool: SpliTiler

Holy cow!

Is it possible to share the color palette you used with here?

Great quality! This give some chance for indie devs to make something beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

Absolutely amazing pack, really helpful :)

you need to change the product if you want people to donate, it just downloads for me and doesnt even ask

Would you be open to expanding this pack for commission?


Nope. But I am not against you commissioning anyone to edit my work or expand on it.

I used your Mighty Pack in a small game I made for a Jam : https://daheji.itch.io/vampire-lord 

Thank you. This pack is really great. I'll definitely use this pack for bigger projects.

This is incredible and you should be really proud of this!!

I wish I could see more of your example maps because wow do you know how to use these tiles!

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These assets are amazing! Too bad that they won't compose very well with default RTP in MV, please tell me The Might Palm, can I use them in other game engine? (legal issues) (I have an idea for another game, but in different engine - Fusion 2.5)


you can use them however you like, my dude.

This is an epic pack thank you so much for sharing.



LOL "Even crappy stuff is great when it's free" LOL (not true but funny)

Wow, this is insanely high quality work. Great job and thanks so much!

Brilliant!  <3 LOVE IT

Cool! Is it CC-0 ?


Thank you.

Thanks for sharing! 

I love this! Thank you so much!

Woah, so much good stuff!  Thank you for sharing it with us!

awesome work. :)