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So I was one of the judges and I loved this little game to bits. It was a pity about the bugs, but the rest of it was just aces and I just wanted to let you know that! <3

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Game has been updated. Bugs were fixed, stuff was added. Probably won't get updated again unless there is enough noise about it.

Hi, I used to be in the contest too, and I mostly played all of the games and to be honest, yours was me favorite. I wanted to know, How? How did you manage to do mechanics ''zelda like''? I really loved it, and I would really do something like this if I could. If you could teach me some of your tricks and tips, I would be so grateful! I know here is not the most pleasant place to chat about it, but this is the only way I found to reach you... Anyway, thank you in advance. :)

Not sure how else I'd get in touch, but I'm on the forums and check messages there pretty regularly.
I can't exactly put my discord or skype out in the open, but I'd be glad to talk about it and show you how I did it if you are that interested.


Ahoy Mighty Palm,

We at Balloon Co. [gaming division] saw in a discord chat that you believe that our game should be something called DQ.  At first, we thought it was an acronym for Dignified QWERTY and that you were complimenting us for using an English speaking styled QWERTY keyboard for making the game, rather than one of those Western European AZERTY keyboards.  Our lawyers told us that it stood for disqualified, but we KNEW that couldn’t be true because disqualified is ONE word and an acronym with two letters should have two words.  We were so confidant that we bet latrine duty on it!  Unfortunately, our lawyers had a brick sized tome on contest jargon, and now we’re stuck cleaning the stinky stalls!  Oh, and we realized that a fellow game designer wants us out of the contest!

That really hurt our feelings!  This was our first game we’ve made on behalf of and in support of other game developers who were not Balloon Co. [gaming division]!  We can understand people not understanding our games, and thus not liking them, since we ourselves have a wide variety of tastes and disagreements amongst ourselves.  That’s ok.  However, to hear that we should be disqualified felt worse than accidentally spilling boiling walrus blubber on our hands while cooking!  (And some of us have first and a half hand knowledge of that!)

So, we came up with a brilliant plan:

Step 1: Find and play the game made by the person who HURT OUR FEELINGS!  Step 2: Use our analysis of the game to savagely mock the game and take down The Mighty Palm.  Step 3: Feel super mighty fine.

There was just one impossible to predict problem with our plan: THE GAME WAS MADE TOO GOOD TO MOCK!

Your game has great music, color palette, expansive world to explore, secrets that were fun to uncover and so much more!  It had a strong focus on puzzle solving with a secondary focus on puzzle combat that reminded of a Japanese game many of us played via a Chinese bootleg copy: Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru!

One of our favorite puzzles, while not difficult, was the one where you used the IN DUNGEON WARP AS PART OF THE PUZZLE!  That was really creative and smart, and we haven’t seen many games utilize that mechanic in that sm-eative-art manner!

After helping those people in the game, we felt really good inside.  While we didn’t take down the creator of this game, this game DID still technically achieve Step 3 of our plan without needing step 1-2, so we consider that a speedrun strat!  Thanks for making something that made us feel good after we were feeling down!  The memory of this game will make latrine duty slightly more bearable!  Great job on a greatastic game!

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This is the (hopefully) final update for the Golden Pearl!

Unless anyone finds a game-breaker before the submission deadline, this should be the "true" version of the game, as I am not going to add anything from here on out.

Thank you so much for playing my game.

UPDATE: Game has undergone a few changes after testing and feedback.
It's a little different now.

Either leave feedback here, or PM me on discord.

or y'know whatever, don't give feedback at all if you don't wanna, I'm not your dad.